Navajo Lake – Weekend Getaway

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Kyle’s family has a lake house at Navajo Lake, on the CO/NM border. They are very hospitable, and were more than happy to have a few tagalongs accompany their kids for a long weekend of R&R – with some sporadic action sprinkles mixed in. Robin Jones, Kyle’s mother, prepared three meals per day for the gang – (immediate family plus 8 thankful friends), and to say we ate well would be an understatement. Many thanks to Robin and Jerry for spoiling us! Robin killed it in the kitchen, Jerry (Papa Jones) was extra-patient  as our boat driver and King of the BBQ, and both are awesome hosts/company every time we meet.

Jerry bought a sweet boat several years back, made for setting a “Gravity Games” wake and cruising in style, with plush cushioned seating and speakers that blast Sirius radio tunes so loud you can hear ’em while you shred. The Jones’ have become rather skilled at maxing out the boat’s occupancy with good friends and cold beer, and we’d have ten or more people rotate through the wakeboard or wakesurf within a morning session. Then we’d return to the house, refuel on food and maybe a power-nap, and be back out on the lake for another ten or more sessions before dark.

The sunset was epic our first night on the water, and we didn’t dock until after ten. A few of the guys rode through the sunset, which made for great entertainment and lots of boozed-up hoots n’ hollers. I hurt my foot the first morning out, getting a little carried away trying ariel maneuvers above the wake, and spent the rest of the weekend icing/elevating and taking pictures of everyone else. The end result: much appreciated vacation time, followed by over a week off work due to injury (not so much appreciated), and good shots of great times with some of the better friends I’ve made in my three years in Colorado.

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