Living The Resort Town Life

“I hope all the skunk cabbage and century plants foretell a big snow year and that everybody forgets about this.” – local business owner

Blocks 79 & 80, site of future deed-restricted housing development in Crested Butte.

This four-part feature series I wrote for the Crested Butte News discusses the affordable housing “crisis” currently faced by locals in many resort towns. I hope you’ll join me in this exploration of life, liberty and not-so-basic economics in beautiful communities that are quite literally being loved to death.

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It’s A Booter Day!

I woke up in a really good mood this morning. Today was a booter day, and there would be no sleeping in. Booters were on the mind. In case you don’t know, a booter is a kicker. Aka a cheese wedge. Aka a ramp. Today, we made a jump. Because that’s what you do on a booter day.

Cody, Anthony and I loaded the Subie with boards, skis, shovels, cameras and one big ol’ dog. We planned on a big day of digging and hucking, and even packed drinks and snacks to hold us over the afternoon, but the snow was so sugary and unconsolidated that the jump weakened each time one of us sent it off the end. After hitting it for an hour or so we decided to return to the resort for some steeper, lift-accessed riding. Booter day may not have lasted very long, but all parties involved sure had a blast.

First, you build the booter. Today’s booter wasn’t very big, but it had some kick.
Then, test it out. Hold onto the rowdy dog or he’ll follow the pilot onto the launchpad.


Next, dance like Michael.


Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get upside down.

Anthony (and Rowdy)
Adam.       Yes, this is true. Photo cred Cody Buchholz.

While I was uploading these photos Cody said to me, “We’re old, dude. Old guys out there hucking our meat. Or, trying to.” I thought about that for a while. He’s right. But at the same time, it’s things like booter days that keep me young.

– I’ll get more winter shots up asap. The camera and I just haven’t been getting after it lately like we oughta be.