Do Something Awesome Every Day

There are many ways to do something awesome. You could do something to benefit yourself, or do something to benefit someone else.

I believe this is a healthy practice and that if we were to only strive for one thing in life this should be it.

Henry David Thoreau said, “Surely joy is the condition of life.” I know because Mom had that quote on a car bumper years ago.

Thoreau was a smart man. Surely he implied that the goal of finding joy for oneself, aka the pursuit of happiness, is equally as important as promoting joy for others. Whether that mean believing that happiness is infectious and sharing one’s own happiness with others, or promoting unobstructed paths to happiness for those around you.

I see at least three good reasons to strive to do something awesome every day.
1) I screwed around a lot in my younger days and feel I got a late jump on many aspects of life.
2) Enough friends have died to know that this could all end tomorrow.
3) Doing so can benefit others.

If you can have a positive affect on another being, do it. It will be worth it. And if you see an opportunity to better your self, take it. But find equilibrium between the two.

Do Something Awesome Every Day!

Photo by Petar Dopchev Photography

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