Not Homeless… but fed up, for sure

One of the many For Sale signs on my street.

The housing crisis currently haunting so many ski towns like Crested Butte, where I currently live but will no longer have a home four days from now, needs to be addressed in a much larger scope than this:

That’s a link to the editorial I wrote for this week’s issue of The Crested Butte News. It’s only 1,500 or so words and reads quickly.

Next, if you like what you read, check out this 14-minute video from Raul Gutierrez of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which dives into the same topic:

Finally, click this link to see what else has been on my mind lately. The idea partially stemmed from an overnight stay in an earthship near Taos, New Mexico, a few weeks back.

earthship near taos, new mexico - adam broderick
“Stayed in an Earthship just outside Taos, NM last night. Awesome! @carissafriedri and I got a cool look at affordable ways to make a more sustainable, eco-friendly life off-the-grid more affordable.”

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