Surprise Storm Day

I’m not in the desert right now along with everyone else in this town that doesn’t work through the off-season. Instead, I woke up this morning to a freak 6–9″ on our back porch. Things sure looked different from yesterday when everything was green and brown.


My roommate and I figured our best bet would be to go splitboarding. So we called some friends and asked if they’d like to climb a local mountain where we know the terrain pretty well, in both winter and summer, assuming we could find safe spots where enough snow had stacked up since yesterday. We didn’t want to wreck ourselves on rocks or branches hiding under this fresh layer of pow.


Blue skies revealed themselves occasionally on the way up. Blue is always nice, but we wanted less sun and more cold, white gold.


By the time we we reached the top we were back under full cloud cover and could rest assured we would find deep turns on the way down. Thing is, none of us would have expected so many of them.


Robbie dropped first. Well, I dropped first. I took the line to skier’s right, stopped and got quickly situated, then turned around and took a shot of him charging toward me.


Then, he passed by and all I saw was white. White this, white that, white out.


I had to wipe snow from the camera lens and wait a few minutes to take another shot. When I was camera-ready, Cody was shready and waiting.


Next, Chris came at me like a bat outta hell. Assuming hell had frozen over, that is. You can hardly see him here. Head top-left, board bottom-right.

snodgrass-4-17-chris-wig-whiteroomThen Robbie also disappeared. Why do my photo subjects keep hiding from me?


Because it’s just so damn fun in the whiteroom, that’s why! Although exiting, the whiteroom can also be quite rewarding. You can’t see it here, but Cody’s rocking a huge smile behind all that orange, purple, black and white.


Especially when you emerge to find nothing under your feet. Then you just hope you can put it down softly. Robbie did.


Thanks to Rob, Chris and Cody for the good time.

Now it’s time for a cold beer and a hot shower. Ooh, I mean a cold beer in a hot shower.

And It’s still dumping outside. I can only imagine what we’ll find tomorrow 🙂

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