Road Trippin Photoblog: Santa Cruz, CA – Jackson, WY – Crested Butte, CO – Europe?

As promised in my latest update, this blog is photo-heavy and word-weak. Prepping for Europe, adventuring outdoors and visiting with friends is so time-consuming that a photoblog is most necessary at this time. So that’s all you’re getting for now. Photos with captions. I hope you abso-frickin-lutely enjoy them. If you skip ahead, be sure to at least watch the video at the end. It’s the world premiere of my innovative new dog mount for the smartphone.

Living out of a car can be incredibly liberating.
Living out of a car can be incredibly liberating. I highly suggest it. Here’s one of my favorite breakfast joints in Tahoe.
hibiscus santa cruz
After Tahoe came Santa Cruz for my uncle’s wedding. But first, a day at the beach with my good friend Scotty.
Scott and I explored Santa Cruz by skate. I hadn't been on my longboard in over a year :(
Scott Holt and I explored Santa Cruz by skate. I hadn’t been on a longboard in over a year 😦
steve coulter rachel wedding
My beautiful mother speaks on my uncle and lovely (new) aunt’s behalf. The Robin Hood / Pre-Renaissance themed wedding was such a cool idea!
hammered dulcimer santa cruz wedding
Friends and family set up a 20+ person ensemble. This hammer duclimer was just one of the unique instruments. They’re all so talented. Such a fun wedding.
The massive King Fire that started in Pollock Pines, CA contributed to incredible sunsets. I snapped this on my way over Donner Pass just before leaving California.
sunrise nevada desert 80 east
The next morning, the sunrise in Nevada was fantastic. Gotta love those desert skies.
Rowdy and I did some awesome trail running at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Pretty much everyone on the tram waved at us. That was just too cute.
Came across these horses just before crossing into Wyoming from Idaho. The Tetons stand robust on the horizon. They’ve got serious clout ’round these parts.

Getting a little closer to this friendly guy. I dig the shadows and contrast in this photo.
My good friend Halina and I rode from Jackson to Jenny Lake in Teton National Park. Absolutely perfect weather for cycling. It was her first road ride and within 10 minutes she was hooked. Not a bad introductory ride, eh?
Snapped a selfie beneath the Grand Teton while riding. What a beast! Not the rider, the mountain looming behind him.
Thanks, Wyoming. It’s been real.
As soon as I got to Crested Butte I hopped on singletrack. It’s one of the things I’ve missed most about this area. This one’s from the 401 Trail – rated #1 mountain bike trail in Colorado by 2500′ up, 2700′ down over 14 miles. In July, the wildflowers create colorful tunnels that engulf you on the descent. In fall, the aspens are remarkable.
My friend Josh rocks the Hawaiian shirt like no other. This is also the 401 Trail, and that’s Mount Crested Butte in the background. We’ll be at the valley floor ten minutes from here. Have you rode bikes in Crested Butte? What’s your favorite trail? Please do share in the ‘comments’ section below.
Took a drive over Ohio Pass near Crested Butte. It ain’t Kebler Pass, which boasts the largest aspen grove in the world and is  just a few minutes north, but it sure was colorful.
It’s tough to shoot at 3 p.m. when the sun’s in your face. I took cover under some trees and tried my best to capture the ‘Castle’ formation. In case I don’t make it back here again this fall, I’m sharing this mediocre shot. It turned out better than expected.
Rowdy. Is. Stoked.
Ohio Pass Falls. It’s tough to see the water, but the past spring’s snowfall left a good amount to gradually melt off. This fall the flow was greater than I’ve ever seen this time of year. I’m not too pumped on how blown out the clouds look, but I love the trees in the foreground.
Crested Butte, Colorado. I love this place. Come visit! It’s not the easiest to reach, but that’s a large part of what preserves the culture and makes it so special.

Check out my new dog mount for smartphones! Not really. I just held my phone over Rowdy’s back and ran with it (punintentional). Sorry it’s not embedded within the blog. You’ll have to click the link to view it.

Up next:

Fly from Denver to Venice this Friday
Train/bus to Belluno or Cortina in the Dolomites
Hire a road bike and spend almost a week pedaling northern Italy. To do this I’ll require panniers loaded with wine, bread and olive oil. Possibly even a helmet, extra tubes and tools. I’ll turn 30 on Oct. 8 – not sure where, but I bet it’ll be awesome.
Mom and bro arrive October 11. We explore areas like Padua, Verona, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Montepulciano, Rome and more.
Mom departs on Oct. 28 and Jon (my brother) and I spend the next two+ weeks together before flying home from Amsterdam on Nov. 11. We’re still unsure where we’ll head – traveling by the seam of your pants is often the most rewarding.

I’m not bringing the laptop to Europe so there’s no guarantee of consistent blogging, but I will update when I can from caffes along the way. I’m bringing the good camera for all but the bike portion and I’m stoked to get trigger-happy across the Pond. Time to clear the memory card and make room for more!

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