CMF: Constantly Moving Forward, Another Great Idea

teton pass panoramic
Teton Pass. This awesome trail run offered a warm…rather, a nice…welcome to Wyoming. Taken w/ iPhone

Rain, thunder and lightning. Just spent the past 20+ hours in my Subaru, headed east from the California coast. I should probably try to ride up Teton Pass on my bike. That’s a great idea! No, that’s a terrible idea. But do it anyway.

Turns out it was a great idea, and after a brutal uphill struggle I was rewarded with a 4+ mile, 35+ mph descent and one helluva feeling of accomplishment. This can now be added to my list of other recent great ideas, like:

Quit my job
-No offense, TMS. You know I love you. It’s been a great ride, but the time has come to move on. Fortunately, my replacement is well experienced and all parties are confident my shoes will be adequately filled.

adam leaves tahoe mountain sports
Adam Baillargeon replaces Adam Broderick as Content Manager and Marketing Director at TMS

Spend a month living out of the Subie

It’s not just a car, it’s a Subaru. Fold down the back seats and sleep inside, or pitch a tent nearby and use the Subie as Adventure HQ. A truly excellent idea, indeed! Save over $600 toward rent and utilities, feel less “stuck” and more “without limits”, have less free time to be bored at home and instead jam-pack the days with fun til’ bedtime.
*We’re all well aware that boredom is an insult to oneself, and as James Bridie once said, “a sign of satisfied ignorance,” but we still tend to insult ourself on occasion, no matter how productive we’d normally consider ourselves.

car camping kings beach
Found some sweet breakfast joints my last two weeks in Tahoe. Taken w/ iPhone

Go to Europe for six weeks

-I’ll be 30 in less than a month and still haven’t crossed over ‘the pond’. It’s about time. Mom and Jon (brother) will meet me in Venice on October 11, after I’ve had a week to explore the Dolomites and Northern Italy by bike, solo. I’m excited for the upcoming culture shock and five+ days touring such beautiful mountains. My first move after securing a bike rental? Load up the panniers (saddle bags) with wine, bread, cheese and olive oil. And the next move? Figure the rest out from there. Stoked! Then, we’ve got over two weeks together to explore Italy. We’ll hit Cortina de Ampazzo and nearby villages, Venice and Tuscany, Cince de Terra and Rome, and many other places I won’t list now but will include in future blog posts. When mom flies back to San Diego on October 28, Jon and I head to Barcelona. Our flight departs Amsterdam on November 14, and we’re still planning our routes between. I anticipate something like a two-week mini bachelor party, Broderick style.

cortina to venice bike ride
One 250 km route idea for my upcoming ride through the Dolomites of northern Italy. Then, two weeks with mom and brother before two more with just the bro.

Move back to Crested Butte, CO

-I’ve been gone less than three years, but I can’t wait to get back. These biannual visits to my favorite town don’t quite cut it. Work starts the first week of December. The small town vibe, old friends, abundance of trails and more intimidating terrain are calling. Not that Tahoe and the Eastern Sierra aren’t mountains, they’re just so different. I’m reminded of a quote: “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” -John Muir      – I find it interesting that in high school I swore I would “never leave the beach”. I pictured myself surfing forever. But discovering the “mountain life” unearthed endless possibilities of year-round recreation, seemingly more down-to-earth people (per capita), changes in seasons you can actually see and feel, a greater appreciation for hard work (gotta chop wood to stay warm!), and the ability to surf on snow. Or, as I call it, most often as a cry of joy from within a cloud of cold smoke, “getting barrelled in Colorado!”

crested butte resort morning skin
Rowdy and I love our morning workouts in CB! Taken w/  an ‘old skool’ point-n-shoot camera

Contribute to the Crested Butte Newspaper
-Possibly the coolest print editorial this side of the Mississippi (saving room for The Onion, w/ headquarters in Chicago) is bringing me on part-time for 2015. Imagine looking back on an introduction to something you found intriguing at the time, and remember thinking how cool it would be to one day contribute to that thing’s success. I can recall the time I first flipped through a copy of the CB newspaper, and ever since I’ve put that publication on a pedestal. But actually helping put it together on a weekly basis didn’t really cross my mind. It’s funny how life unfolds, ain’t it?

I’ll be covering town council meetings and government affairs, which will be much different from my experience with outdoors/sports publications, but the editors and I agree we’ll be a good fit and that I “probably won’t get too bored”. While some people may be deterred by such duties, I’m excited to learn more about planning and managing on a greater scale (town agendas, city ordinances, public documents, etc.).

crested butte news
I ripped this photo from the CB News Facebook page. Love this place. photo by Alex Fenlon

Build a following around
A friend in the industry recently seconded a notion I’ve had for years. Build upon AdamIsStoked and work creatively to branch out as a freelance adventure journalist (writer/photographer/outdoor enthusiast). With so much experience reviewing hard goods and apparel, plus my unique skills in the field – I’m a great writer. I take awesome photos. I keep up with packs of professional athletes in the mountains, a trait my accomplices will attest to and one that most others can’t rightfully brag about.
*If you’d like a product reviewed or winter/summer trips documented, or advice marketing your brand online, email and deal with a dedicated, skilled professional whose only connotation with the term “half ass” refers to his bike shorts that barely cover half the seat and, more often than not, lead to sore sit bones (ischial tuberosity).

People really seem to enjoy working with AdamIsStoked! Click image for larger view

Get a CMF Tattoo

-Sure, I made this decision at age 22, but have never once felt regret nor have I announced it publicly. FYI, CMF does not stand for Constantly Moving Forward, but I thought I should have a backup acronym for when my kids eventually ask what it means. I am all about improving oneself and character development, so Constantly Moving Forward is not too far-fetched. However, it actually stands for Crazy Mother F****r. I did it as a reminder to myself not to be a hypocrite when my kids screw up. CMF is what a few friends and I called our clique in high school, and one of my oldest friends and I both got the tats as an ode to our friendship. Still, I mostly did it to remind myself of all the crazy stuff I’ve done and how lucky I am to be where I am today. In all actuality, I could have probably gone with SMF (Stupid Mother F****r) and got the point across just as well.
*I listed this ‘great idea’ because of what the backup acronym represents: a symbolic reference to self-progression.

cmf tattoo
The world’s smallest nipple and CMF (Constantly Moving Forward?)

Ride from Teton Village at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to the top of Teton Pass.

-The aspens, willows and other foliage is turning, prepping to drop their leaves before the winter. The aspens in particular are peaking right now, with bright reds, oranges, yellows and greens illuminating all surrounding landscapes. Despite the rain, this was my motivation to leave the house. I had finally arrived in the Rockies, and no weather was going to keep me down! Turned out the rain stopped after half-hour and I was rewarded with perfect riding weather and majestic views in every direction.

jackson hole bike path autumn
Bike path covered in aspen leaves, and the Grand Teton looking grand as ever. Taken w/ iPhone.

Since Teton National Park demanded an access fee and the Teton Range was socked rain clouds, I turned around After the ride, I was curious what my elevation gain was. I found this blog describing the “4.7-mile, 2,300-foot menacing climb” and immediately felt better about my current physical condition. Although, reading this line ahead of time could have come in handy as I found myself dreading the climb ahead:
“…from mile 2. Seeing the top from this point can be pretty discouraging–it leaves you thinking, “I have to go from here to there?!” so, as a general rule, I try not to look up at all during that part of the ride.”
Visit for more info about this uphill battle.

cycling teton pass wyoming
Teton Pass with a magnificent display of colors. Taken w/ iPhone

More is on the way soon. I look forward to sharing more from the road when I get the chance. The next post will likely be in form of a photo blog with more pics and less words – woohoo!

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