Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rose Summit & Tyrolean Downhill

This morning was epic. After sleeping very little in my bag last night, I’ve been on a good one all day. You know that feeling when you aren’t sure whether you need to exercise or take a nap? You’re sleep deprived, but that’s actually what has you wired…somehow. Anyway, I slept awfully last night and it paid off. I had to pee terribly at 4:30 a.m., but it was cold out and I was comfortable in my down sleeping bag. I hit the ‘bladder snooze’ and got some more shuteye. Then at 5:00 I seriously considered getting up and walking to the nearest tree. Wasn’t happening. Winds were picking up outside my bag. Inside, a warm, temperate climate that felt about 80-degrees. At 5:30 I arose and rushed about ten steps from my bed, did the biz partially into the wind, and crawled back in. None of that helped one bit. I still could not sleep.

Thankfully, I was up before my alarm to catch the sunrise. I even had time to brew some freshly ground beans before setting up the tripod just in time to catch the peak of the morning light 🙂

Nothing like a cup of camp coffee and a sunrise to start the day off right!

From then on I was jazzed all morning. Jazzed = Stoked. Well, technically all day, since I’m still jazzed and it’s now late afternoon. How can someone remain stoked so long? I’ll tell you how: get your friends to go camping and wake up for first-light mountain biking photos on some awesome downhill singletrack, then head across the street and get shots of Lake Tahoe in the backdrop of some other awesome photos. But wait…there’s more. Next we drove up to the top of Blackwood Canyon and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail north to a killer view of the lake. Here we took trail running photos. Well, Rick Saez of Rick Saez Photography took photos. I played the trail runner. What triggered this sudden overnight photo sesh? Rick, who I’ve known all my life, came to town from Oakland and asked me to rally photo subjects for his ‘action photography’ portfolio. That’s exactly what I did, and even though only two friends (and great neighbors) came through for us in the end, it was enough to stoke out Rick on his photos…and it was more than plenty to stoke me out for the rest of the day. Although, as we all know, tomorrow I’ll also be stoked. And the next day, and the day after that.

I won’t see any of Rick’s professional mountain biking or trail running pics for a week or so, but CHECK OUT THESE PHOTOS I CAPTURED:

Getting the shot of Rick getting the shot. Rider: Israel Bilodeau
Dang bro…nice whitewalls.
Lifestyle shot of action photography subjects – so necessary.
See Israel ride. See Israel ride fast and send it into the bank.
Another shot of Rick getting a shot of Israel? Yeah…that just happened.
Eric got a flat while dropping off a rock. Sweet!
Lucky for him I wasn’t riding mine. We call this one “the old switcherrooo”.
Wheelies are groovy. Especially when Eric Rodriguez does them right there.
So is riding fast into a turn with Lake Tahoe in the backdrop.
Next, we found some cool rocks to play on.
I love my new 15-85 mm lens.
Until next time…thanks for tuning in.

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