Day Trip: Early Departure To Snowboard Mount Shasta

My boss, a friend and myself skied Mt. Shasta yesterday. Well, they skied it. I snowboarded, but I tend to call snowboarding “skiing” because it’s, well, it’s just easier. I guess it comes from riding with lots of skiers during my days in Crested Butte, Colorado. Anyhoo, we left the car at 2 a.m. and climbed for seven hours up the Hotlam-Bolam ridge, from the Brewer Creek trail head to the summit. My feet hurt real nice-like when we reached the top, but that was about it. Surprisingly, my legs and lungs were fine. It was just a long haul up that volcano, and the infinite amount of small kick steps I took wore out my toes and the balls of my feet. I’m not going to spend too much time describing the trip. I’ve got other plans for the day, and most of them require sitting in front of a computer, so I’ll make this brief: Enjoy the pictures of our 9-hr, 15000-ft ascent/descent of Mount Shasta’s east side.

mount shasta in early june
We drove through the night and didn’t see this view of her until our departure.
sunrise on shasta
Snack & water break while enjoying the sunrise.
sunrise from mount shasta
Great sunrise – taken with my iPhone.
snowboard boots with ski crampons
I fit my snowboard boots into ski crampons and couldn’t have been happier.
the north face radish mid layer
One of our six pit stops during the ascent. We took a breather almost every 1000′.
skiing off shasta summit
Dave skies off the summit.
spring skiing mount shasta
Dave descends toward a chute with cool blue glacier ice in the backdrop.
splitboarding mount shasta
That’s me bouncing down the mountain, approx. 5,500′ from the summit.

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