New Year’s Eve 2013: Fireworks At Squaw Valley

Last night we went for a short jaunt up the hillside near the Squaw Valley ski area. We skipped dinner on the way so we wouldn’t miss the show, and thankfully so. As I pulled my tripod out of my pack I realized I had forgotten to grab the [camera-to-tripod] adaptor from another pack, so in an effort to capture a stable shot, the order went like this: camera balances on top of bunched-up t-shirt, t-shirt rests on tripod, tripod stands on splitboard-compacted snow. My remote shutter was also left behind during the frantic pack-n-go between the end of a work shift (6:15) and the departure for an epic evening (7:00). For these two ridiculous reasons I was unable to leave my shutter open very long, thus resulting in a darker image than I had imagined. I was still pretty stoked with the end result, although I was reminded that I need to shoot much more often so that I always have my s*** dialed, down to the t. Bonus: We rode fresh snow back to the car under the light of a near-full moon.

fireworks at squaw valley

h20 (3 of 3)-1000

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