Bootpacking Brethren

Some of the boys got together this morning to bootpack Incline Peak on the Northern Nevada-side of Lake Tahoe. The conditions were so-so, the light was alright, and the vibes were good. I look forward to shooting more with these guys as the winter develops. I got tacky and watermarked a few pics because the Geisen twins get a good amount of exposure.

backcountry snowboarding
Scouting for fun.
incline peak powder
Chris Geisen checks out of the White Room.
nick geisen
Nick Geisen’s got a method of his own.
Chris Geisen
It was pretty surfy up there!
tahoe backcountry snowboarding
Matt Foster smokes down the mountain.
Pop goes the...
Ain't it purty!?
Ain’t it purty!?
dogs love snow
Just can’t seem to shake that dog.
stoked on powder
Today was a good day.

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