Upper Main Street Terrain Park

north star at tahoe
Colorful trickery
rainbow box northstar
Wide-angle tailslide
down flat down rail
Lipslide, down-flat-down rail
jumps at northstar resort
Hangtime. It was tough shooting into the sun all day.
northstar terrain park pictures
I’m gonna try something new. You might not want to film it.” -backside tailslide, first try, perfect.
rainbow box
Should have pulled the trigger a split-second earlier. Still a cool shot.
view from northstar terrain park
Random flyer – I really like the color contrast in this picture.
northstar terrain park
Frontside boardslide
northstar kinked rail
The stairway at the bottom of the Northstar terrain park.
north star terrain park
Zachariah tail grabs upon departure.
northstar terrain park
Nothing special about this shot. I just like how stoked Rick looks.
classic goggle shot
The Classic Goggle Shot – too hard to resist.

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