Photos From The Lake Tahoe Area

night shots of trees
Trippy Tree

The new home away from home just may be North Lake Tahoe. Initial residence: Kings Beach, California. Time can only tell what will arise further down the line. For now, you can’t beat the location. One minute bike ride from the beach, four minutes to work. A half-hour drive to terrific backcountry access. Mellow local tree skiing right back down to our neighborhood. This is a pretty quiet town, and it’s not uncommon that Rowdy and I have the beach to ourselves. I’ve managed to pull the camera out a few times in the past two months, and on jaunts that necessitate packing light I’m usually grateful for my iPhone’s camera-capabilities.

I hope everyone appreciates these photographs. I sure do enjoy taking them.

kings beach, california, night photography
See how grainy that is? Can you tell I’m in need of a new wide-angle lens?
round lake, big meadow, tahoe
Nature is groovy.
kings beach, california, lake tahoe pier
That’s a deep lake. And a shallow photo.
Kings Beach State Park, Tahoe, California
Kings Beach State Park
Round Lake, Big Meadow, Tahoe
Gnarin’ & Chompin’ on anything he can find
No luck at this lake
upper truckee river, tahoe california
On the prowl for trout. Connecting the dots (small lakes) on the Upper Truckee.
lahanttan fishing, upper truckee river
First cast Chris pulled out one of a few native Californian trout species.
lahanttan, native california trout
A beautiful native Lahanttan, Upper Truckee River
trippy tree, charlotte's web
Charlotte’s Web, Trippy Tree
Sailboat on Tahoe
First Snow, Kings Beach
A Trippy Trunk
Fall colors and snow in Tahoe
Cold fall colors
Stoney Ridge Lake, Desolation Wilderness
So mellow…
Stoney Ridge Lake, Desolation WIlderness
Tahoe Night Photography
Just hangin’ on the beach, 10 p.m.
campfire stove msr
Chris, the camp chef, under the light of a headlamp

Up next, shots from the iPhone:

tahoe sunsets, truckee sunset, night jog
Night jogs are no more. The sun is now sleeping by the time I get off work.

Jake's Peak, Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake
Ahh…The Tahoe Blues
pre-dawn ski departure
Pre-dawn ski departures
top of tamarack peak, nevada
Powder day – October 23, 2012 – Tamarack Peak, Nevada
Old Brockway Golf Course, Kings Beach, CA
Golf course behind the house. Desolation Civilization.
float fishing the truckee river
Working hard on Labor Day, 2012
truckee river trout fishing
My first trout on a dry fly, thanks to the pro knowledge of Maher’s Guide Service.
pizza guy at squaw valley
We all know how much I love pizza!