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Far too much time has passed since my last update. I would blog more frequently, but I have vowed to only post quality material; we can all see photos and read a bunch of b.s. or irrelevant hype anywhere on the web. On that note, Instagram – AdamIsStoked. You could say I went on hiatus. Or went on vacation. Or went stir-crazy. Really, I’ve just been slammed. The fact that this post alone took a total of 3 days worth of free time pretty much sums it up. Here’s a quick summary of the latest developments.

Since mid-April:

1. Moved from Colorado to San Diego (One week prior to posting the Nike Lowers Pro article.)
2. Purchased a used surfboard/wetsuit and tried my best to surf almost every morning during the month of May.
3. Took two jobs.
4. Landed an internship with ski/snowboard film and news industry mogul Teton Gravity Research
5. Quit two jobs.
6. Within five days notification, I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with Rowdy and anything else I could fit in the Outback.
7. Began my internship with TGR’s media department.
8. Went straight to work as Pantry Chef at The Granary, at Spring Creek Ranch.
9. Worked 7 days per week since I arrived, 5 days per week are 13 hour work days, with one hour between jobs to get Rowdy some sort of quick fix.
10. Flew back to San Diego to act as Best Man in my good friend Brian’s wedding.
11. Met a beautiful young lady 🙂
12. Moved into a one-bedroom apartment and built a fenced yard for Rowdy. He now has his first regularly accessible yard, which is especially awesome during long work hours. I also now have my first solo-pad, a luxury I have always underestimated.
13. Returned to work.

Forgive me for neglecting the blog. I originally created this site in an effort to break into the industry, and that’s where my focus has been lately. I anticipate the next time I can share an adventure with you all. Actually, it is frustrating that I do not have more time to devote to writing outside the office and photographing in the Wyoming wilderness. I still make it a point to do something awesome every day. Thing is, my most recent adventures – besides the last two months as a whole – have been so sporadic or short-lived that I don’t feel I have done much worthy of noting. Or sharing, for that matter. Sure, I’ve gone on a few trail runs. Occasionally I encounter wildlife, though mostly from the road. Rowdy also gets his daily workouts, but they are usually hurried and under-appreciated. For myself, at least. Rowdy appreciates every second. Every single nanosecond.
Speaking of Rowdy, recently ran my story about my favorite partner in the backcountry, as their second weekly feature on Feel Good Fridays (See Why I Ride With My Dog).

Thank you for your time. This is quite possibly my only blog post this summer. The slideshow and descriptions herein should be adequate for now. Until next time…

One thought on “Recently on Adam Is Stoked

  1. Svea Carroll

    Your pictures and comments are awesome! They get viewers up to date in style. I don’t want to work as hard as you are, though! Been there; done that. I am going to share your work with friends. It is very well done. I LOVE it! Svea


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