The NIKE Lowers Pro At Trestles

May 2nd-6th:

Trestle – a sequence of frames used to support a bridge. Hence the five consistent breaks that make up the beach. From North to South: Cotton’s Point, Uppers, Lowers, Middles, and Churches. Lowers breaks a clean A-frame and moves at an ideal pace for multiple slashes and airs per ride…and the trend was nothing short of just that during the NIKE Lowers Pro. Out of 96 surfers, 25 were returners from last year’s world tour. And although the remainder of So-Cal breaks saw anywhere from poor to good surf this past week, five consecutive days of beautiful, 3-6 ft. shredilific swells rolled through “Lowers”. To be exact, according to judges, 43% of waves counted were good and 20% were excellent. Tasty waves and serious talent equate to one helluva competition, and the ‘Lab was STOKED to capture some of the magic from a people-packed California coastline.

40,000 big ones went to 19-year old Gabriel Medina (BRA), along with the most valuable trophy in surfing: a gold railroad spike worth more than $30,000. Not to mention the MVP award for his overall high-performance throughout the five-day event.

Photos/Words by Adam Broderick

For more info visit

Original field report conducted for All photos and words by yours truly.


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