X-Games 2012

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Jay’s buddy Brad works with ESPN and was being put up for the week of the Winter X-Games in a penthouse condo above downtown Aspen. He invited us over for a weekend of good times: free fourth-story condo + free lift tickets + backstage access/credentials = a time too good to pass up. We rode the mellow trees at nearly-empty Buttermilk Resort for two days in a row, and watched a few events here n’ there – mostly between laps. Everyone else and their mom seemed to be crowded at the base area for the games. I can’t tell you how many people attended this year, but there were a lot. It looked as if a Rolling Stones concert was being held on the snow. Instead, my friend Jason (San Diego/Innovative Sports Network) and I spent most of our time exploring the mountain. What was left of the storm that rolled through Colorado five days ago was still fresh off-piste and we must have been the only ones interested in riding the trees because we never once saw a foreign track through what became our ‘default’ run. We seriously milked that powder, and I threw in countless nose-butters throughout the weekend – hence the name Buttermilk?

Documented Awesome-ness:

Snowmobile Big-Air  –  Men’s Skier-X  –  Powder Turns in the Glades  –  Exploring an Awesome Fort –  Other Good Times

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