With the homies…shootin’ up in the woods.

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Today was a good day. Jason and I spent all morning and afternoon on the mountain, and this time the camera came with us. I felt great shooting while off-the-clock…it had been way too long. First run, we met up with Matt and Cody (the regulars) and took it to the trees. A few sweet shots were produced in the hour or so before they had to split – then Jason and I turned toward the terrain park. But it took awhile to get there, and after another prolonged tree run followed by a delicious beer at the base area, the light in the park was gloomy and our energy levels were regressing. After one park-lap (and a couple decent shots) we decided to return to the softies in the nearby woods. This route required a short crawl through chest-deep snow, but we were well rewarded for our efforts with untouched lines and blower pow. We rode all day long and now we’re exhausted…but also excited for tomorrow. Snow is currently falling outside and we should have at least 6″ by morning, so we plan on shredding hard from first-chair until about 2pm…then booking it to Aspen to watch the Winter X-Games and to party! Enjoy the pics from today!

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