1/2-way Through Winter?

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Outside of work I’ve only picked up my camera a handful of times lately. I managed to squeeze in a few shots at Crested Butte’s terrain park, and I stopped once during a drive to pop some off from the side of the road. There was also one afternoon with the dogs in the sun-protected glades a few miles from town. Mostly I’ve been staying busy at work since there isn’t much powder to distract, but I still stay stoked everyday. At least one lap per day on the mountain (before or after operating hours) or a short trek in the hills keeps the fire alive, and I remain thankful that I’ve got full-time work and good company. Fresh stoke: I’ve got a couple new pieces of art hanging at the local’s favorite restaurant, and another on the way to the favorite coffee shop. The two that made the cut:

Butte Under Siege
Camp 4 Coffee

It’s already mid-January and as we all know, this winter has been dry in all but a few places. The upper-NW and Canada have both seen large storms. Jackson was also hit hard. SW Colorado has seen quite a bit of snow in select areas. A few friends have been able to reach out and get some in each fortunate region, and returned (or haven’t) with tales of memorable turns and great times. After a long spell of working and bits of resort riding through the holidays, this weekend I’ll finally get out and get mine. Or such is the plan, at least.

This weekend: The Elwood Hut, San Juan Range, SW Colorado

Elwood Cabin

The Elwood Hut is located in the wilderness near Wolf Creek Pass. On average, this area receives more annual snowfall than any others in Colorado. Although it’s been a slow winter, they’ve still got more than we do here. We’ll have to travel a good distance across the park (meadow) to ride anything large, but the mellow stuff closest to the cabin also sounds like fun. So does everything else that comes stock with a trip into the Colorado backcountry. Maybe we’ll build a jump. Or fire off a pistol or two. I’d love to take some night photos while the moon is still dominant. No running water or electricity sounds wonderful. So do snowboards, snowmobiles and good beer, and campfires enjoyed with female company. The six of us head out on sleds (w/ gear in tow) on Sunday morning. There’ll be no ‘snooze’ button to push on Tuesday, but our departure will surely be prolonged due to toxic levels of lac-o-rush and relaxation.

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