San Diego Zoo

During my most recent visit home my brother and I spent a few hours touring the San Diego Zoo. Our mother lives only a few blocks away, yet neither of us had visited in at least a decade. Normally we would visit the Wild Animal Park, because the animals’ living quarters seemed more comfortable and we could take the “safari” ride around the park. Warm summer nights in the park are a memorable pastime. Prior to this day I had not shot many animals, and Jon and I had a good time passing the camera back and forth. His usual antic: “Just shoot it on auto, bro. Come on. You’re taking forever.”

When we took the 4-seater tram from one end of the park to the other I was reminded of the lifts back on the mountain, and it was pleasant to spend that bit of quiet time with my brother. You don’t get so much of that as you age, so make a habit of enjoying those times. Thanks to my good friends Brian Chin and Morgan Haas, and their friend Rachel (Zoo employee) for hooking up the all-access day passes…and sorry it took so long to post the pictures.

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