Wrote this while laying in bed this morning. Started as an extended facebook message, evolved into a bunch of bs…

I enjoy when people say they wish they could just leave and do what I do…it’s almost a pat on the back…but then again, anybody can do that. I just had a series of unique events in my life that had great influence on my values and how I envision my future. Most people fear instability and the unknown road, whereas I taught myself to embrace it and make it work for myself. And others assume I’m just more comfortable being broke…more like I’ve become used to it (but also tired of it). Really I’m just not comfortable settling w/out passion, and I believe self-worth is measured in passion/love/experiences/friendships/values/etc.

The money is on its way. I have no fear in that.

I’ve tried the 8-5 office jobs – They’d have been more tolerable had I been passionate about my work. I worked with Outward Bound in Alaska – Amazing culture and a great experience – just doesn’t pay well enough! (See? I’ve still got an itch.) I got my BS in Resort Management – then decided I didn’t want to go the corporate route. The past three summers I worked as a landscaper. I enjoy the hard work outdoors, using my hands, and the reward of creating something beautiful for others to enjoy. I topped out at $15/hr on projects that should have earned at least $30/hr b/c they required carpentry, stone masonry, or hazardous/strenuous tasks – that’s the name of the game when you work for someone else. Especially in this valley, where people share similar values.

I have learned, over the years, how much my mood depends on eating well, sleep and exercise…and how depressed I can become when set into a routine lacking those things. Trouble with the law, carelessness at work/school, drugs and alcohol, and no center-of-focus (or balanced chi) eventually had me searching for something more. When I finally embraced this, and let the “nomad” take over, I found a whole new world opened up to me.

It came as a surprise when I first learned that most of the world spends equal-to/greater-than 1/3 of their income on food alone. This does not include eating-out. Not the US, obviously. We don’t have “time” to cook. Nor do we ever have enough money to do everything we dream of (But what shapes these dreams?). The quality of food has decreased in order to keep up with our fast, demanding lifestyles. This “convenience-food” has gone up in demand, and in turn the demand for quality produce and livestock we actually need has dropped, making it more expensive and “unaffordable”. With this, quality time with loved ones has moved to the back-burner. Families rarely eat together and more kids are forced to raise themselves each year, or hang in the “streets” and experiment with whatever is smack-dab in front of them. Like drugs, alcohol, vandalism, theft, violence and promiscuity.

The value of sex has also decreased. More than love, esteem has taken ahold of the wheel in the race to get laid. Thus, disease rates have risen and chivalry has declined.

Encounters with wise elders have lead me to follow my heart. Encounters with not-so-wise peers have lead me to follow my heart. Several physical injuries have forced me into a healthier, active lifestyle. Friends struck with cancer at an early age have opened my eyes to a healthier, active lifestyle. Reading the articles and counting the polls (Where do the happiest people reside? On Earth and in the US?) has brought me to a place I love. Counting the smiles and comparing their counterparts have brought me to a place I love. That place is contentment. Content with the future and whatever it may bring – because I know I’ll love it…or it’ll learn to love me.

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