3’+ Fresh Powder on October 8th??

My birthday was spent in a rather memorable fashion this year…snowboarding on a powder day! Wolf Creek opened for the weekend with 40″ of fresh snow, for their earliest opening day to-date. Winter enthusiasts flocked from all over Colorado and New Mexico to get some of the incredible early-season conditions, which truly felt like a powder day in mid-February. The first hour that chairs were turning, all I could hear were cries of joy and disbelief filling the thin, crisp air. The only sound more powerful was my inner-voice telling my quads to “shut-up”. We rode knee-deep snow until our bodies refused to work, then tried our best to stay awake for the 3.5 hr drive home. Exhausted and astounded, the day’s adventures had eclipsed our expectations and left us hungry for more. With this much snow on October 8th, Mom (Mother Nature vs. God) knows when we’ll see another storm like this…but surely that day is just around the corner.

The crew: Paul Elkins (Founder/CEO – Fuse Snowskates) and Gareth Van Dyk (Industry-know-it-all and underground-weather-guru), both veteran Crusty Butts, and Gareth’s girlfriend, Sarah Madaj.

Only one action shot in this entry, but Gareth’s threw together a 1st-person video edit from his Go-Pro. Check out the flick @ http://vimeo.com/30321865.

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