Autumn is upon us…

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Autumn is in the air in the Rockies, and brought along a beautiful array of colors, as usual. Thankfully, for the soul’s sake, I gave in to my exhaustion after a very long and slightly hungover day driving to and from Denver. Had I battled the urge to rest my head and instead completed the drive last night, I surely would have missed out on the beauty that I was lucky enough to witness during this morning’s sunrise. Sleeping in the car on top of Cottonwood Pass (12,100′ and a low of 30 degrees) was unsettling until Rowdy finally cuddled up next to me, offering his share of body-warmth. We awoke at sunrise, mostly because I wanted to get moving and warm the bones, and began our descent down the pass toward the Gunnison Valley. The sky radiated with pinks and purples as the early morning alpenglow arose with us. Yesterday was 75 and sunny in Denver, so I wore shorts, a hoody and sneakers…otherwise I would have hiked to the crest, set up the tri-pod and patiently searched for the perfect shot. Instead I let Rowdy run next to the car for the next four miles while I drove, wrapped comfortably in my sleeping bag and jamming some great reggae music, man. As we approached Taylor Reservoir, at the base of the mountain pass, the fog lingering on the water caught my attention – and refused to release it until the proper respect was given…via multiple awe-inspiring photographs. I look forward to capturing the colorful twist nature puts on things around here over the next few weeks. Only one picture in this post depicts the fall foliage, and not very well. The fog and lighting were more what I was after. More vibrant photographs will appear on the website as autumn fully sets in and winter nears…and my work-load simultaneously dissipates, allowing more time to wander.

“Not all who wander are lost.” – Tolkien

For now, here’s a teaser: A foggy notion, high in the rockies.

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