Landscapes That I’ve Created

The past three summers I have worked as a landscaper, and leader of our our two-to-three-man Projects Team. Working hard in an outdoor setting and shaping the land that has been so selflessly loaned to us has been taxing, rewarding, and progressive, to say the least, as a means of character-development. I really do enjoy sculpting the earth and “playing in the mud”, and my workspace sure beats any corner office in a high-rise city-scape. I do my best to remain stoked at all times, even at my day job.

Yesterday I took a scenic drive and brought home some photographs from a small handful of the projects I’ve completed these past few seasons. A portfolio/showcase of some sort seemed like a good idea, in case I ever decide to sell myself – and I don’t mean the way I used to on the corners in southeast San Diego. Natural, formal, or xeri-scapes; drainage issues and irrigation management; large, beautiful sod lawns or small vegetable gardens. If you can dream it, you can do it. And If you’re more of a dreamer than a digger, I can do it for you.

All projects began from scratch (excavation required).

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