Rafting the Lake Fork of the Gunnison

Recently I accompanied a friend on an over-night rafting trip for some early-season fun on Class 3/4 rapids. Kerry Brown invited me to tag along with his brother and some friends, to help fill the void I’d been feeling inside. Everyone and their mom had seemed to be getting action on the water lately, and I was beginning to crave some whitewater as well.  We ran the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River once one the afternoon we drove in and twice the next morning, after a relaxing evening of beers and chili dogs around the campfire. I sat out for the last run in an attempt to capture a few shots of the rest of the party getting down Southern Colorado-style. The guys steering the rigs are pretty experienced river guides, so this trip was pretty mellow for them. For a few of us novice rafters, however, it was a pretty fun and ideal introduction to running rapids. Here’s a few shots of the gang’s last shebang. I changed a few to “Sepia” to counteract the poor lighting/shadows. Some of the guys’ facial expressions are fantastic.

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