Friday the 13th

Only a few small slides today. Pete French and I got to the top of Headwall at 2:15 this afternoon, but the snow was most likely ready to go an hour prior. We figured it might move a little, but we turned up a bit more than predicted. You can tell by the photo of Headwall that I hooked a hard left after dropping off of “box” rock. Snow slid behind me, and Rowdy (my labrador) was taken for about a 50 ft swim. We both knew he was safe since the slide was small, so we got a few laughs in at his expense. It was pretty funny watching him try to paddle uphill while being slowly swept away. Pete got a few good turns in, but had to turn on the burners and shoot out of the gully to avoid getting caught up in the slide he triggered. As he shot past me I pointed up toward the sluff coming toward me and fired off one last shot. Then I turned and sped to the bottom, where we rendezvoused and shared a good laugh.

Last minute shuttle decision: Our original plan was to ride the mellow slope down a few hundred yards, then trek the muddy road back to Pete’s car. After what we’d just skied we were quick to ditch this plan for a much better one. We would instead ride down the front side of the mountain toward my house, where we could pick up my car and shuttle Pete back to his. This way we could ride Banana- a long, semi-steep chute that stretches a couple hundred yards toward town. The snow here was similar to the other side, but the run was much longer and we both got tons of great turns.

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