May 12th – Powder Day?

Paul Elkins (founder of FUSE Snow Skates) and I just returned from an awesome morning riding bottomless powder out at the Anthracites, a popular backcountry ski destination just a few miles west of Crested Butte. At 8am Paul fired up the snowmobile and I grabbed the makeshift tow-rope, my snowboard strapped securely to my boots. We blasted out Kebler Pass Rd about 5 miles to the skin-track at the base of the mountain. Even the ride out was fun, because I was able to play around on the side of the road and get a little taste of what lay ahead. I was reminded of wakeboarding on a glassy morning, gliding with ease over the new layer of  snow while the motor ahead of me blazed on at 25 mph. Neither one of us could believe we’d been blessed with over a foot of fresh snow overnight, and it was already May 12! We’d been wearing shorts and flip-flops less than a week ago, and today felt like a mid-February powder day. After a two-hour trek to the top (Well, almost. Technical difficulties slowed us down and wore us out earlier than planned.) we were finally able to succumb to the pull of gravity.

I got some great shots of Paul ripping on his Snow Skate:

For more info about Snow Skates and how YOU can get on one, visit

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