Day at the Park

It was a beautiful, clear and sunny day in Crested Butte. With the warmer temperatures we’ve had lately the snow has been melting at approximately 6 inches per day. Thus, we have no time to waste! At 3:30 in the afternoon on Mother’s Day we rendezvoused at my condo on the mountain, got suited and booted, and headed to the vacant site at the resort where the terrain park once was. A few days prior Anthony had sculpted a new jump out of what was left piled up from the previous, official park jump. We had some fun for a few hours on that day, and left just before the sunset. We hadn’t planned on staying out very long. On the day of our return, however, we brought snacks and warm clothes to help stretch out our evening. Cody also came with us this time, so I was able to get more photos than I had with just Anthony and myself. I even utilized a prop – a kitchen prep-table that we found nearby. We stayed out past 8 o’clock, and had an absolute blast. Cody and Anthony wore themselves out hucking and tucking for the camera, and when we finally left after dark we were all exhausted. I can’t remember if we even ate dinner that night. Here are some of the resulting images:

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