Bump N’ Jump – juniors comp

The annual Bump N’ Jump fundraiser for the Avalanche K-9 program took place at Crested Butte Mountain Resort last Saturday, and I was fortunate enough to catch the junior heats before I went to work. Man, those kids sure could rip!

Airborne! Off the second jump and straight into the bumps.

Decked out in costumes and flashy colors to celebrate the mountain’s closing weekend, the skiers carved apart the moguls and boosted through the air (extra points awarded for getting airborne) as they made their way down the course underneath the Twister chairlift. I found a safe spot off to the side where I could shoot from, and was dumbfounded with the skills that I saw on display. One young racer brought his tele skis up against an alpine skier, only to leave him breathless and humbled, half the distance to the starting gate. I didn’t even know kids that young tele skied!

This little princess is going to make for some tough competition in years to come.

Another girl looked way too cute in her bright pink outfit and tassels strewn from her helmet, but turned out even more adorable when she “pizza’d” all the way down the course, slowly turning between bumps and avoiding the jumps. Some of those young guns weren’t much taller than the moguls themselves, but almost seemed to be in their natural element as they blew through the course with ease.

Congratulations to all the racers for coming out and skiing hard, and thank you for showing your care about our awesome avalanche rescue-dog program.

Racers speed through the last set of bumps before the finish line.

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