Headed to Silverton for freshies

Two days ago there were four of us. Yesterday we weren’t sure if there were any. Today there were two, then three, and now two. Talk about last minute! I just called and reserved two twin beds at the Silverton Hostel ($42 after tax! Plus Rob, who’s running the joint, was really cool over the phone). While Matt hurries to get off work early, I’m here typing away. Really I should be downstairs waxing my board. Actually, it’s not even mine. It’s a borrowed Head board with a V-rocker. It was pretty sweet the other day on Crested Butte’s steep terrain and was fun and flexy in the pow. I’m gonna give it a go at Silverton tomorrow. They just got 11 inches and tomorrow is opening day of unguided skiing. This means that most of the mountain has been untouched for three months. There’s one lift that goes to the top, and you hike from there. Silverton is big mountain skiing at some of it’s finest…with lift access! Beacon/shovel/probe required, but the lift ticket is only $50. Josh, Kyle and Lucas (the Cold Smoke Splitboards guys) drove down two days ago, and have been split-boarding around Red Mountain Pass. I’m excited to see which splits they chose to bring from their magic quiver) chuckled into phone when I asked him how it’s been. I have learned to really enjoy these last-minute excursions. They’re more eventful when you go into them with only a tentative plan and an open mind. It’s a three-hour drive. It’s six o’clock now. We’ve gotta try to get some good sleep before we shred our guts out all day. This should all add up to a pretty good trip. Photos when we return.

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